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Pillar Technology was engaged to provide Information Security leadership as the CISO for a Medical Malpractice Insurance provider for Academic Medical Centers.  The role involved all aspects of Information Security, from Program development and governance, to technical architecture and threat analysis. more info


The Pillar Technology team lead a major university through our Emergency Preparedness methodology.  This process began with Business Impact Analysis by helping the organization define its priorities and critical dependencies.  This information was then incorporated into their Business Continuity Planning to ensure that they can effectively and efficiently respond to emergencies. more info


Our team conducted a detailed technical vulnerability assessment for a leading financial services company.  Using the Pillar Technology Vulnerability Assessment methodology both internal and external vulnerabilities were identified and tested to verify exposure.  Users were also tested by conducting a phishing campaign targeted at identifying user behaviors which could lead to a breach. more info


The Pillar Technology team conducted a regulatory compliance assessment for a larger healthcare provider organization.   The team assessed the organizations processes and controls against HIPAA and PCI-DSS standards to identify gaps and develop a remediation plan.

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Pillar was engaged to assess two organizations information security posture.  The merger had National Security ramifications and multiple federal organizations had compliance requirements to allow the merger to occur.  Our team analyzed the organizations and recommended remediations to ensure that the federal requirements were met prior to approval. more info

There is a corporate breach every

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University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering's Center for Risk and Reliability