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Are your tools providing maximum protection?

Looking for help with the overwhelming number of

cybersecurity tools in the marketplace?  

Wondering why so many organizations

have all the right tools but get breached anyway?


In the current environment where attacks are incesant, resources are limited and solutions are overly complex and not integrated, it is critical to ensure you have the right tools configured correctly.  Properly configured and integrated security tools cost less and provide better protection.


Pillar Technology Partners has expertise across a wide range of toolsets and can help simplify complexity while minimizing IT security risk thus reducing potential brand and financial loss.


To help security organizations make the most of their information security infrastructure, Pillar’s Defense In Depth strategy addresses both rationalization and harmonization of cyber tools.


 Rationalization:  Ensure you have the security tools necessary to protect your most critical assets.


 Harmonization:  Tools must work in harmony with minimal gaps and overlap to ensure protection.  Tools Harmonization refers to optimizing your security tools within your infrastructure.  


When the proper combination of tools is architected and configured optimally, security posture is improved, security spend is reduced and real return on spend becomes apparent. 


It is easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of tools and pace with which they continue to evolve.  Organizations often invest in security tools which overlap, only partially protect corporate assets, or are only partially deployed.  Some rush to meet an issue at hand, overspending on a tool to solve a single problem and selecting a tool that may not meet the usual demands of the organization’s environment.  Others focus only on minimal compliance.  A more holistic approach will ensure that tools provide longer term protection and better return on investment. 



Average number of tools organizations report in their IT environment



Average number of tools with overlapping capabillities



of all time cyber incidents caused by misconfigurations

Source:  Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report 2020

Interested in understanding your security tools gaps and overlaps?  

Want to ensure your tools investments are paying off in terms of both security posture and ROSI?  


Try "An Hour with an Expert" with a Pillar CISO or contact us to learn how our Tools Harmonization Framework and methodology can help assess security architecture and ensure the best performance from your tools without overpaying.  

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Looking to simplify your security tech stack?

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