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Know your risk profile

Pillar’s Information Security Assessment takes a standards-based approach and provides in depth analysis of your environment and quickly produces a targeted roadmap.


  • Understand current and future risk profiles

  • Understand which information assets need what level of protection

  • Know your existing information security gaps

  • Gain a prioritized roadmap focused on closing the most critical gaps and building maturity

Strong security posture is the result of numerous aspects of your business.  Pillar's holistic approach starts with the data first and then how that data is protected or impacted by the following:

Business strategy and growth plans

Security operations and organization

Regulatory requirements

Risk management plans

Vendor management process

Policies and procedures


Incident Response Plans

Pillar gets you there faster


Pillar’s team is comprised of business, technical, security and industry experts.  They are further informed by our Cyber Defense Intelligence and Cyber Lab which stay abreast of the latest attacks, threat techniques and game-changing tools to defend against them.  This deep knowledge and combination of skillsets allows for quick discovery and targeted recommendations.

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Wondering if you're ready for your next compliance or cyber insurance audit?

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