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What we do all day, everyday

There are many aspects of security operations.  Pillar can provide sec ops support for your existing organization and toolset or a complete managed solution through RAMPARTXCS.


Typical security operations includes the following functions:


  • Security Policy

  • Security Governance

  • Security Operations Procedures

  • Security Architecture, Tools and Configuration 

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Third Party Vendor Risk Management

  • Ongoing Threat Analysis

  • Incident Response

  • Ongoing Security Program Maturation

  • Executive Level Reporting


If you’re looking for a complete security solution, RAMPARTXCS is a Managed Security Operations Provider (MSOP) solution which includes a defense-in-depth architected platform, monitored and operated by cybersecurity experts 24x7.  If you are looking to simplify your security operations, this is the solution for you.