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Incident Response

Industry: Captive Insurance

Outcomes: Quick Containment and Isolation minimized impact

(both financial and brand reputation)

One of the nation’s largest Captive Insurance Risk Retention Groups experienced a Business Email Compromise (BEC). One of the executive’s email was compromised.


There was fear of data loss, potential HIPAA violations and other potential regulatory violations. They needed experts that understood how to identify the cause of the breach, remediate the problem, assess the data loss, assess and manage the potential HIPAA violation and coordinate the entire incident response efforts including potential notifications and communications with legal & law enforcement.


We activated our incident response team. The breach was quickly contained and isolated as we coordinated the assessment, remediation and communication of the incident.


As a result, there was a minimal impact from the breach. The quick response, thoroughness of our assessment and remediation reduced the amount of work and cost from both legal and law enforcement.


Their quick reaction and decision to partner with Pillar saved them potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Experiencing a Breach? Our Team is on Standby.
Call our Immediate Response Line: 678-304-9099

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