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A thirty-year-old global data analytics firm with offices in the US, UK & Asia Pacific was expanding their services into new industries, and experiencing international market growth.


Growing customer requirements, security & privacy requirements and product innovation requirements were challenging their global information security infrastructure.


As an industry leader, speed to market was mission critical. It was difficult to find a security expert that could deliver all the expertise required without conducting an exhaustive & expensive search.


As their vCISO, Pillar offered quick access to a depth of information security expertise at a fraction of the time and cost. With Pillar’s guidance, they accelerated the build out of their technology roadmap, implemented a new international security framework, completed a Business Impact Analysis, developed a Crisis Management Plan, created a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan and implemented new data privacy policies for GDPR compliance.


Their decision to partner with Pillar paid enormous dividends. In the months it would’ve taken to find & hire a CISO, they accelerated the development of their security program, enhanced their technology infrastructure & met competitive customer demands.

Industry: Global Data Analytics Firm

Outcomes: Accelerated Protection:  Strong, Quick and Affordable Information Security Program

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