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Technology Assessment 

Let the experts help you value core assets, anticipate threats, discover your vulnerabilities and quantify your cyber risk exposure.  Pillar Technology Partners has experience partnering with organizations both 

large and small, helping to identify vulnerabilities, minimize potential breach impact and defend against cyber attacks.

Understanding your cyber exposure is essential to building a secure environment.  Pillar’s detailed assessments can help you:

  • Know your points of vulnerability

  • Identify and prioritize your most valuable assets 

  • Identify and understand security risks related to mergers or acquisitions

  • Understand your compliance requirements

Pillar’s unique approach will provide you with detailed analysis quickly and recommendations that are practical and cost effective.

Let us help you understand your exposure today​​

  • Tabletop testing (Red Team/Blue Team exercises)

  • Security Penetration and Technical Vulnerability Assessment

  • Compliance/ Regulatory Assessment & Readiness

  • Domain assessment

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