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Pillar Technology Partners Announces Strategic Partnership with Gytpol

Pillar Technology Partners Announces Strategic Partnership with Gytpol

Atlanta-based cyber security experts now offering expanded cybersecurity solutions

Atlanta, July 26,2021 ─ Pillar Technology Partners and Gytpol are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership, extending easy access to the Gytpol Validator Tool to Pillar Technology Partner clients. This addition to our cybersecurity toolbox will arm clients with the endpoint visibility and quick remediation needed to defend against current cyber attacks.

With cybercrime on the rise and the cyber security solutions landscape becoming more complex, more crowded and difficult to vet, businesses require a layered cyber security architecture to provide maximum protection. The Pillar Technology Partners – Gytpol partnership brings together deep information security expertise and a “Protect First” approach with a state of the art misconfiguration detection and remediation tool that is easy to install and quick to prove results.

“The Gytpol Validator tool has helped clients very quickly see misconfiguration vulnerabilities and remediate them within minutes. It’s continuous scanning provides ongoing discovery and often auto-remediation to close gaps created by misconfiguration. Gytpol’s ability to anticipate evolving threats and provide protection is impressive. This is a clutch tool with proven value,” says Skeet Spillane, Founder and CEO of Pillar Technology Partners.

“We are excited about the partnership with Pillar Technology Partners. They quickly appreciated the value that Gytpol Validator can bring to their customers and how it complements their impressive toolkit of security services and solutions. We are also impressed by the expertise and experience of the team withtheir focused approach on the customer’s security needs,” added Matthew Album, Vice President of Gytpol.

Pillar Technology Partners’ world-class information security expertise and services combined with Gytpol’s configuration management tool shows a commitment to innovative solutions in information security and improved security posture for all.

About Pillar Technology Partners

Pillar Technology Partners is on the cutting edge of cybersecurity solutions. As an expert-based information security services provider, Pillar is committed to helping clients understand, assess, remediate and operate their information security to provide maximum protection for the most valuable data assets. From providing fractional CISOs, Cyber Engineering Teams and Incident Response Teams to bringing best-in-class tools to market, Pillar focuses solely on protecting organizations from information security threats. Pillar Technology Partners makes cyber security simple. To learn more about Pillar Technology Partners, visit:

About Gytpol

GYTPOL is an Information Security solution which monitors, identifies and remediates risks caused through misconfigurations on endpoints, servers, on premises infrastructure and cloud services. Gytpol’s “think like a hacker” approach ensures the most innovative and current protection.

Gytpol’s Validator solution is trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as banking, distribution, financial services and manufacturing. Gytpol’s Validator solution has been implemented worldwide to address the specific problem of misconfiguration.

To learn more about Gytpol, visit or contact

For all media inquiries, please contact Simone Lavi, Marketing Specialist, Gytpol:


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