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September 29, 2021

(note date change from Sept. 24 to Sept. 29)

Unpacking the Hack of Recent Attacks &
The Changing Landscape of Cyber Insurance

Get inside intelligence on threats & attacks

  • Actionable insight from security best-practices to help you lead and win the cyber battle

  • Deep dive into the latest threats and attack vectors

  • Understand the real risk and potential business impact beyond your data

  • Tune & optimize your cyber defense against dynamic threats

  • Ask questions and discuss effective defense strategies

Hear from seasoned security practitioners

  • No hype or scare tactics

  • Nothing to buy or subscribe to

Security leaders shouldn’t have to navigate

unfair cyber attacks

with limited intel and misinformation

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CDI Team Presenters


Tim Martin

CDI Host,

Pillar Chief Development Officer

Skeet Spillane

CDI Expert,

Pillar CISO, CEO

Chris Godsey

CDI Lead Analyst,

Pillar Managing Engineer

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Guest Panelist

Ralph Pasquariello

Cyber Liability Expert