CISO as a Service

Pillar Technology Partners offers a flexible CISO as a service to provide security leadership, guidance and implementation that can scale to your business’s needs. Whether it is a full time, part time, individual or team approach Pillar Technology Partners can customize a solution to meet your needs and provide you peace of mind.  

Our CISO as a service is based on a blend of deep cyber security expertise and executive level business acumen.  Our priority is to provide the highest quality service, the flexibility your business demands and 

 cost effective solutions to secure your environment.  Our CISOs have access to teams of security engineers, attorneys, data architects, industry experts and cyber tools gurus. 

   ✓  Highest level of cyber expertise

   ✓  Flexibility to meet your specific business needs

   ✓  Access to multi-disciplinary teams to meet the needs of your environment

   ✓  Defense in depth (TM) approach to secure your environment as quickly as possible with cost effective


   ✓  Complete approach to cyber security from design and development to implementation of

        information security programs, supported security governance, policies and procedures

   ✓  Deep understanding of cyber tools and how to architect and harmonize them into a secure, seamless


   ✓  Ensure appropriate employee cyber security training

   ✓  Develop and/or manage a secure environment both internally and externally with third parties

   ✓  Ready to respond to any incident which may arise

   ✓  Position your cyber security strength as an asset for business development

The CISO as a Service will help you

  • Identify your most valuable assets

  • Determine your risk tolerance

  • Develop a cyber security vision

  • Develop a roadmap to execute the vision

  • Implement programs quickly and efficiently

  • Manage, monitor and maintain a secure and compliant environment

  • Continuously shift to meet new threat tactics

  • Provide incident response leadership