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Our Philosophy

Pillar Technology Partners is on the cutting edge of cyber security and compliance solutions.

Our Security Professionals have all been working in IT, Security and Compliance for many years. We’ve seen all the scenarios and know most of tools in the cybersecurity space.  We have mastered the knowledge and skills required to ensure clients can protect their data and brand with confidence.

We don’t believe in just meeting the objective, but in surpassing the intended goals in order to promote business need where security posture is a competitive advantage and design true preventative measures with people, process and technology solutions.

We promote innovation in security technologies because the “bad guys” are moving faster. In fact, we help security technology vendors make their products more effective and secure. We strive to continuously push our own learning curves into the next generation of security technologies.

Our Methodology

Pillar Technology Partners focuses on consistency, transparency, and accountability

Our Security Consulting Methodology was designed to help accelerate projects  in an efficient and organized manner, with a focus on high value and high performance outcomes. The methodologies and deliverables utilized by our team are at the “core” of every single engagement, so that we show our clients their ROSI throughout the entire lifecycle of each project.

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