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Strategic Security Innovation

We are forward thinking, innovative problem-solvers, combining our core cyber expertise with widespread collaboration to shape the future of cyber security.

At Pillar Technology Partners, we deal with cyber threats on a daily basis.  We have been privileged to

work with hundreds of clients of varying sizes across multiple industries which provides us with great insight into complex and evolving threats and how to defend against them.  Working with various cyber

tool vendors, we understand the protections available to our clients as well as additional protections needed to fill gaps.  We stay apprised of evolving trends through our collaborations with FBI, law enforcement agencies, cyber security vendors, software developers, data architects, MSSPs, cloud

Not only do we look for additional cyber protection and ways to mitigate future risk, but we seek opportunities to catalyze ideas and push for innovative change.


There is power in numbers, and various perspectives can not be undervalued.  Often innovative ideas come from the most unlikely collaborations.

Current innovative explorations:

  • Closing gaps with cyber tools vendors

  • AI in cyber security 

  • Cyber security rating systems

  • Bringing the best worldwide cyber tech to the US (with partners such as Spheriance)

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