Security Monitoring & Incident Response

Security Monitoring and Incident Response are essential elements of any proactive and comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.  Pillar Technology Partners has deep security incident and event management

(SIEM) tools expertise.  Highly skilled cyber response teams can help discover threats and suspicious activity, prioritize incidents for investigation and work with you to remediate if necessary.  Our team can provide forensics guidance and analysis as well as manage total incident response projects.

Pillar Technology Partners helps protect you with experience across numerous industries and multiple threat intelligence networks. From deep technical skills to crisis management and C-level response, our partnership with you can minimize incident impact.

How can we help you Respond & Recover

from a breach

Response Planning

Response Coordination

Assesses and manages initial response - Coordinates legal and insurance activities - Documents incident report

Coordinates across all regulatory agencies - Initiates notification actions - Responds to regulatory inquiries

Conducts incident post-mortem - Identifies continuous improvement activities - Develops remediation road map

Incident Investigation

Coordinates attack isolation - Conducts detailed investigation - Determines incident impact - Coordinates law enforcement response

Regulatory Requirements

Incident Remediation

Improves response time - Reduces incident

impact - Ensures response adheres to legal

& regulatory requirements

We will help you...

1 . Avoid surprises – preparation & planning guidance.

2. Minimize impact – prompt response, investigation & remediation.

3. Simplify response – coordinates insurance, regulatory & legal notifications and inquiries.