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Incident Response

Worried about a Data Compromise?  You're not alone.

Cyber security breaches are all too common and continue to increase in prevalence.  Immediate response and timely investigation, coordination and notification can save a company's reputation, customer base and financial resources.   


Pillar Technology Partners' highly skilled cyber response teams have helped many clients respond to breaches in a coordinated, comprehensive and calm manner.   Our team can provide forensics guidance and analysis as well as manage total incident response projects.  Our deep infosec experienced combined with c-level business acumen enables us to understand how a breach truly impacts your business and develop the most effective response to minimize incident impact.

How can we help you Respond & Recover

from a breach

Response Planning

Response Coordination

Assesses and manages initial response - Coordinates legal and insurance activities - Documents incident report

Coordinates across all regulatory agencies - Initiates notification actions - Responds to regulatory inquiries

Conducts incident post-mortem - Identifies continuous improvement activities - Develops remediation road map

Incident Investigation

Coordinates attack isolation - Conducts detailed investigation - Determines incident impact - Coordinates law enforcement response

Regulatory Requirements

Incident Remediation

Improves response time - Reduces incident

impact - Ensures response adheres to legal

& regulatory requirements

We will help you...

1 . Avoid surprises – preparation & planning guidance

2. Minimize impact – prompt response, investigation & remediation

3. Simplify response – coordinated insurance, regulatory & legal notifications and inquiries

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