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Tools Harmony improves return on spend

In the current environment where cyber threats are increasing, experienced resources are limited and solutions are overly complex and not integrated, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of tools and pace with which they continue to evolve.

Do you ever wonder…

· Do I have the right tools?

· Do my tools create an effective defense in depth architecture?

· Do I have too many tools?

· Do I have tools overlap?

· Am I using all of the features and functions of my tools?

· Are my tools configured correctly?

· Are my tools properly integrated?

· Am I overpaying for cyber tools?

· Does my Security team understand our tools and capabilities?

· Is my team properly trained on our tool suite?

These are questions we should all be asking ourselves.

To ensure your organization makes the most of your information security infrastructure, your Defense In Depth strategy must address both rationalization and harmonization of cyber tools.

Rationalization: Ensure you have the correct security tools necessary to secure your most critical assets and reduce tools overlap.

Harmonization: Tools must work in harmony with minimal gaps and overlap to ensure protection. Tools Harmonization refers to optimizing your security tools infrastructure and ensuring proper configuration.

Organizations often invest in security tools which overlap, only partially protect corporate assets, or are only partially deployed. Some rush to meet an issue at hand, overspending on a tool to solve a single problem and selecting a tool that may not meet the usual demands of the organization’s environment. Others focus only on minimal compliance. A more holistic approach will ensure that tools provide longer term protection and better return on investment.

Source: Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report 2020

To get started on a security tools analysis, you may find this security architecture framework helpful.

When your security stack is architected and configured properly, security posture and ROSI are improved.

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