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Ongoing Pen Tests

Testing across all domains - Attack simulations - Network Vulnerability - Governance & controls -  Employee & vendor risks

Penetration (Pen) Testing - Red Team/Blue Team exercises - Enterprise security risk assessment - Email Phishing tests. SMTP

Security employee awareness- Security policy

& governance - incident response plan - Cyber insurance policy coverage review

Public domain searches - DNS, MX record & wireless encryption configuration - Internal ,External & Web App vulnerability

Report & road map development - Vulnerability exploit demonstration - Analysis & client readout

1. Prevent surprises: Uncover hidden risks and undetected attacks.

2. Prioritize risks & align budget: Identify highest priority risks.

3. Simplifying your strategy: Map clear and focused execution goals.

4. Satisfy pen tests: Meet all regulatory Pen Test requirements.

Your Security is our First Priority

Proprietary Security Framework

Comprehensive Testing and Assesment

Process Controls & Risk Mitigation Review




Complete Enterprise Perspective

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