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Providing you with the most up to date cyber security intelligence from Pillar analysts and our OSINT sources

Latest Alerts & Briefings

Pillar's Cyber Defense Intelligence Team constantly monitors threats, attacks and analyzes intelligence from numerous sources.  Stay one step ahead with CDI Alerts & Briefings

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CDI Monthly Live Briefings

Get the latest intelligence on threats and attacks with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss effective defense.   Typically held the final Friday of each month. Click here to register for an upcoming session or click below to view a previous one.

Briefing:  Unpacking September Attacks & the Changing Landscape of Cyber Insurance

September 29, 2021

Alert:  CISA, FBI, NSA Warn of Increase in Conti Ransomware Attacks

September 29, 2021

Alert:  OMIGOD: Azure Users Warned of Critical OMI Vulnerabilities

September 29, 2021

Briefing:  Unpacking August Attacks & Misconfigurations

August 27, 2021

Briefing:  Recent Attacks & Board Room Conversations

July 30, 2021

Briefing:  IoT, Federal Standards and More...

June 25, 2021

Alert:  Amazon Making Changes to Echo and Ring

June 2, 2021

Briefing:  Ransomware Primer

May 28, 2021

Alert:  Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

May 10, 2021

Briefing:  April Attacks and Return to Work Considerations

April 30, 2021

Briefing:  Microsoft Exchange Server Zero Day Attacks

March 26, 2021

Briefing:  Oldsmar Utilities Breach

February 26, 2021

Briefing:  SolarWinds Hack

January 27, 2021

Briefing:  Holiday Cyber Protection

November 3, 2020

Alert:  Increased Mobile Banking App Exploitation

June 11, 2020

Briefing:  Disinformation Campaigns

June 4, 2020

Alert:  China Targets Research Organizations

May 13, 2020

Alert:  Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

May 12, 2020

Briefing:  Cyber Risks in the Current Pandemic

April 20, 2020