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How can we help you?

Operate and Maintain

Protect your email

We help you protect your business against malicious business email compromise


of cyber breaches originate from email

Hackers don't break in,

they log in


cause of breaches in 2018 was business email compromise

$1.2 billion

total cost of breaches in 2018*

How can we help you ELIMINATE BLIND SPOTS



Indentify potential blind-spots - Evaluate tools & process gaps - Technical vulnerabiity testing

Preventative Tools

Process Improvement

Employee & Vendor Analysis

Incident Response

Endpoint detection & response - Multifactor Implementation - SMTP & Spam protection - Managed detection & response (SOC)

Create intrusion detection rules - Password & credential management - Create email policies & governance

Use security awareness training - Develop vendor management policy & procedures - Ongoing user & vendor testing

Assess & manage initial response - Coordinate attack isolation - Determine incident impact - Develop remediation roadmap

We will help you...

1. Avoid surprise attacks: Understand & anticipate attack methods

2. Tune your email: Optimize tools to help you detect & defend

3. Manage detection & response: Ongoing monitoring & protection

Protect you from 3rd party risks

Third party risk management is a topic that keeps many cyber security professionals awake at night. And for good reason. Over 50% of data loss incidents have been attributed to third party risk.

Pillar Technology Partners can help you manage that risk and gain peace of mind. Establishing a strong third-party risk management program is an essential element of any cyber security program. Whether you have few or a few hundred third parties, you must protect your assets. You work hard for your clients' and customers’ trust. They will not differentiate between your internal data compromise or your vendors’ data compromise, so third party risk management must be a key area of focus.

Pillar’s experienced cyber professionals

can help you

    -   Identify and classify your data assets


    -   Develop dynamic data controls which help enforce security policy


    -   Understand your threat inventory


    -   Develop a workflow for risk identification, risk mitigation and mitigation effort 

         tracking as well as reevaluation processes


    -   Develop the most appropriate 3rd party assessment tools


Don’t risk your reputation with insufficient

third party risk management.

Protect you from 3rd party risks
Respond to an active breach

Respond to an active breach

Breaches seem to be the new normal, and how you respond could mean the difference between customer loyalty and trust or risking your reputation and customer base. Highly skilled cyber response teams can help discover threats and suspicious activity, prioritize incidents for investigation and work with you to remediate if necessary. Pillar Technology Partners has deep security incident and event management (SIEM) tools expertise. Our team can provide forensics guidance and analysis as well as manage total incident response projects.

Pillar Technology Partners helps protect you with experience across numerous industries and multiple threat intelligence networks. From deep technical skills to crisis management and C-level response, our partnership with you can minimize incident impact.

How can we help you Respond & Recover

from a breach

Coordinates across all regulatory agencies - Initiates notification actions - Responds to regulatory inquiries

Regulatory Requirements

Coordinates attack isolation - Conducts detailed investigation - Determines incident impact - Coordinates law enforcement response

Incident Investigation

Response Coordination

Assesses and manages initial response - Coordinates legal and insurance activities - Documents incident report

Improves response time - Reduces incident

impact - Ensures response adheres to legal

& regulatory requirements

Response Planning

Conducts incident post-mortem - Identifies continuous improvement activities - Develops remediation road map

Incident Remediation

We will help you...

Incident Remediation

1 . Avoid surprises – preparation & planning guidance.

2. Minimize impact – prompt response, investigation & remediation.

3. Simplify response – coordinates insurance, regulatory & legal notifications and inquiries

Develop an incident response plan

When it comes to cyber security, data breaches are nearly inevitable.  Thus incident response plans are vitally important to minimize impact to an organization.

Incident response planning can improve response time, reduce incident impact and ensure response adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.  Pillar Technology Partners can help you define what constitutes an incident, prioritize response and build a four-phase incident response plan which should be revisited at least annually.

  • Detection

  • Analysis

  • Recovery 

  • Post-Incident

Pillar Technology Partners can help you build effective and efficient Incident response plans.

   ✓ Incident response roles and responsibilities

   ✓ Network documentation and endpoint inventory

   ✓ Classification of data assets

   ✓ Logging procedures

   ✓ Discovery tools

   ✓ Evidence-driven investigation methods and tools

   ✓ Identification of breach scope and motive

   ✓ Internal and external communications protocol

   ✓ Attack containment

   ✓ Vulnerability remediation

   ✓ Retesting

Our experience shows that preparation is essential to a swift response, immediate remediation and proper communication.  Let us help you build a plan for response.

Create an incident response plan

Create a business continuity plan

Your challenge:  Maintain business as usual in a world of disruption.  

Whether flood, fire, blackout, cyberattack or other unexpected events, can you maintain business continuity in the face of adversity?  Your company’s reputation, market value and customer confidence are at risk.  How you respond to an attack can mean the difference between losing customers or retaining and growing your customer base.

Pillar Technology Partners can guide you through business continuity planning so you are ready for nearly any circumstance that could arise.  Pillar’s proven Business Continuity methodology walks you through a fail-safe process for Business Continuity Planning.  From examining your most critical business processes to building a strategy and plan to training and testing your plan, Pillar’s BCP experts can help you from beginning to end.

Since testing the plan is of utmost importance, Pillar can use a variety of testing methods.  Whether simple table top testing or structured walk-thru’s or sophisticated red/blue team testing supported by software tools, Pillar can customize an approach best-suited to your environment.  Incorporating feedback into the plan and re-testing are essential to ongoing success in a dynamic environment.

Ensure your business is ready.

Create a business contuity plan
Serve as your vCISO

Serve as your CISO (as a Service)

Cyber security in the new paradigm is becoming increasingly complex, and companies need expertise and leadership to not only ensure security of corporate assets but to create value.


Pillar Technology Partners offers a flexible CISO as a Service (CaaS) to provide a security leader to understand corporate risk, drive initiatives and ensure implementation aligned with business needs.  Our CISOs are collaborative risk managers, working hand in hand with executive leadership to ensure strong security posture, protect brand reputation and drive additional value. 


In today’s market, these types of leaders and cyber teams are hard to find and expensive to hire.  Our CaaS services are cost effective and customizable, allowing you to pay only for the security leadership or team you need.  Whether your need requires full time, part time, an individual or team approach, Pillar Technology Partners can customize a solution to scale to your needs, adapt to the pace of change in the “new world”, protect your most valuable assets and provide you peace of mind.  Caas provides you with the highest caliber resource, available when you need them and at a fraction of the cost of a full time hire .  


Our CISOs have access to teams of security engineers, attorneys, data architects, industry experts and cyber tools gurus. Leveraging our Defense in depth (TM) approach, common priorities for CaaS include:


  • Infosec Strategic Advisement

  • Board-level representation of cyber priorities

  • Program Development and Management

    • Compliance 

    • Governance

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Cyber awareness

    • Vendor management

    • Threat hunting, analysis and modeling

    • Tools architecture and harmonization

  • Incident Management

  • Tabletop Testing

  • BCDR Testing with IT


The current crisis accelerates digital transformations in our world.  Knowing how to be prepared, shift quickly to meet evolving needs and effectively implement new strategies could mean the difference between flailing or flourishing.   


Do not let the “new normal” create an opportunity for digital disaster.  If CaaS can help your organization, please reach out to

Evaluate, select and deploy technology 

Defining the most appropriate cyber architecture to meet your needs can be a real challenge.  There are many layers of defense required to ensure a secure environment. Pillar Technology Partners can help you harmonize your cyber tools into seamless, solid, long-term protection.  Not only do we know the tools, keep current with their constantly evolving capabilities, we actually provide guidance to many vendors on how to improve their tools to better meet the need of our clients.

Our engineers have experience implementing cyber tools at every layer of an architecture.  Deep tools experience includes but is not limited to the following:

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 10.35.14
Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 11.32.40
ODI X.png
sophos logo finsl.png
Thales logo.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 11.24.54
Evaluate, select, and deploy technology
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