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Advisory Services

From building a solid, future-focused cyber strategy and roadmap to execution, implementation and ongoing management, Pillar’s cyber advisory services will help you target spending, optimize protection, secure your environment and gain peace of mind.

A secure environment relies upon effective policies, procedures, risk management, incident management and response, third party management, compliance, disaster recovery, business continuity and employee and partner education.  That’s a lot to keep up with, especially considering the constantly changing 

compliance environment and the speed with which cyber criminals are developing new tactics.  Pillar Technology Partners can alleviate the ensuing drain on corporate resources by providing cyber security solutions leveraging top notch expertise supported by proven methodologies.

Cyber security is what we do every day.  We know the world of cyber criminals.  We actively monitor and/or participate in numerous cyber forums to know the latest breeches and tactics used.  We monitor the shifting compliance regulations and understand what is takes to comply in an efficient manner.  We synthesize all of this into a strategy and services to meet your business needs.

Advisory Services:

  • Threat / Vulnerability Analysis 

  • Business Resilience/ Enterprise Risk Management Planning

  • Information Security Strategy, Roadmap and Program Development

  • Disruptive Technology Strategic Planning

  • Cyber Security Architecture and Design

  • Emergency Preparedness (BIA, BCP, DR) – Colin attach pdf here

  • Crisis Management and Incident Response

  • Compliance Readiness and Remediation

  • Security Engineering and Cyber Security Tools Implementation

  • Security policy and procedure development

  • Cyber Tools rationalization

  • Security Team Education and Analysis

  • User Security Education and Awareness

Let us help you stay ahead of cyber criminals.

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